Monday, March 26, 2012

home sweet home.,

Finally home!! :P  the weather in Rome is so nice!!! *___* home is just home, there's nowhere better. 
As you can see I've got a new hairstyle (if noticeable), just a moment of madness and brought me to dye my hair and cut it a little bit shorter @_@ 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Silly spring., ♥

 Spring finally decided to gift Manchester with its sunshine!!! :) sounds sad but after getting used to the winter rain and clouds, walking through such a bright day is like an illusion. 
So to keep memory of this day, here are just some quick snapshot of my day with my buddy Iris! 

 (Outfit of the day) 

 (Cheeseeee :D )

 Hope you enjoyed it!  

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Teacup ♥

eacup, on Thomas St, one of most relaxing place to go on a lazy afternoon. 

(Rainbow cake  p.s. not as good as it looks :P )
Tasty salmon over two piece of toast and raw egg plus a magic sauce *___* (MUST TRY) 
(Sweet meringue topped with raspberry and cream p.s. too sweet >_< )

22.03 - Thursday Inspiration

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I've been attacked by insomnia lately, worst feeling ever, when you feel exhausted...
 ....but just can't fall asleep. 
Even worst, my right eye got an infection and is now extremely puffy .-----. 
The only good news is that I will be soon having my Easter vacation, and will finally go home to visit my lovely parents *___*  Really miss them! 

21.03 - Wednesday Inspiration

Recently I've fallen in love with the classic Chanel-like jacket over a perfectly tailored high waist denim shorts.  I would say a perfect casual everyday look. To get it a little bit more polished what we need is an elegant thick curvy eyeliner plus sexy rouge lips and an irregular black french manicure!  

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Peaceful saturday

Sometimes....after an active week all we need is a quite weekend. 
No thoughts, no stress, just loads of laugh and daydream. Saturday is the day where you can permit yourself the pleasure to sleep till you wish but today I made the 'smart' choice to face the library. Why? purely to send away some of the guiltiness of not starting my 'collection' of assignments! >_<

So..after hours of brain squeezing activity, all I needed was food,food & food!! 
So, I opted for a tasty korean restaurant with my three mademoiselles, situated right in the heart of Manchester City Centre. 
Saturday it's just saturday, we could not just leave the night at 9 pm, we just felt the need to do something to finish off the day in the most pleasant way. And what is more desirable than a delicious dessert? I don't know about you, but I'm a pure 'dessert freak'! 

Don't deny looks good right? I'm aware we are a group of wild hunters 
During the amicable food battle, we started to tell each other embarrassing stories and moments of when we were little.  The four of us, in a saloon, filled with our contagious laughs. I was loving the atmosphere, with the accompaniment of fast rhythm korean music, plus the candle-like glow, shaping the faces with smooth shadows.


And this was my day......Good night 

The pastel crush

Spring/Summer '12 
It's everywhere now,  soft pastels colours, brightening you up with a touch of sweetness.
 To complete the look all we need is sunshine and light summer breeze.  On one side I wished time flowed slower but on the other I just can't wait for summer time! And you? 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tuedsay Night Life

And this is me on a exhausting tuesday night, I admit I've never been out on a 'working day' but the monday stress brought me and my ladies to a tuesday night out. Initially it seemed like a bad idea, but in the end we got the kick out of it! Except the rushing from one club to the other, with the pain of heels (an indescribable sensation) the rest went smooth. I'll leave you with some of the snapshots of the night!    

@Manchester, Boutique 
@Manchester, Boutique  
@Manchester, Boutique  
@Manchester, Boutique 
@Manchester, Boutique  
@Manchester, Boutique 

 @Manchester, Boutique 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The elegant twist ♥

The draped skirt, seriously she managed to hide herself  so well to never let me spot her. I've been hunting for one, since last year I guess, but never succeded! But finally a solution came, searching through the caotic web I bumped into this incredible DIY drape skirt! So I thought, why not share this info with you and what's even better than making it youself?! Speak loud and let me know how it goes, cause I made a fatal mess :S 

Madness for cuties ◔_◔

Love at first sight uh? and yes! they are iphone covers. 
As two of them are all gifts, it is clear that my madness for cute phone covers came on surface.
 Perhaps I should start a collection now?

(Bought it on ebay)

(Gift from my boyfriend)

What makes it special? 
(apart from the fact that is from my bf :P )
1. Easier to hold with a single hand while taking photos thanks to the back holder.
2. Extendable lens is used a stand when watching movies!!

(Gift from my friend: Sophia Wang)

The Detailed Collar Tip ᵔᴥᵔ

Isn't it magic how a small single detail can change and munipulate your whole outfit? 
Just 7 basic steps to make your plain blouse pop up, take action for a stylish and inexpensive DIY collar tip


Brass Decorative Corner / Decorative Book Corner
apprx. 15x15x3,5mm (Look on ebay or amazon)
2 Clutch Pin Backs
Any Piece of fabric
Cutting Pliers
Super Glue

At an angle of 45° from the insight of the brass corner cut out the wedges.

This is how it should look after cutting the wedges out. Place a fabric scrap underneath the brass corner and gently flatten the edges inward.

Apply super glue on the back of the clutch pin and let it dry for 5 seconds.

Attach the cluth pin at the back of the brass corner!

......and now you are ready to shine!!!!
Let me know how its goes!

This is the finish look!

The new silhouette ت

My new obsession: the elongated flowing skirt, this spring summer must have! It's back with its new silhouette and all sort of cuts and prints, from the sophisticated vintage look to a modern fit to reflect your individual touch. 
Can u resist the temptation of not getting one?

The Start


>The start of my new blog<

Please stay tuned and feel free to drop in! Hope you will enjoy it as much as i do! ≧◡≦