Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Madness for cuties ◔_◔

Love at first sight uh? and yes! they are iphone covers. 
As two of them are all gifts, it is clear that my madness for cute phone covers came on surface.
 Perhaps I should start a collection now?

(Bought it on ebay)

(Gift from my boyfriend)

What makes it special? 
(apart from the fact that is from my bf :P )
1. Easier to hold with a single hand while taking photos thanks to the back holder.
2. Extendable lens is used a stand when watching movies!!

(Gift from my friend: Sophia Wang)


  1. I like the one ur bf bought u a lot! Ur bf has such good taste :P

  2. I love all three cases *--*
    I love iPhone cases, they're all so cute T.T

  3. These are so adorable! I adore the Stitch and Rilakkuma ones!

    1. i lovee them too *____*

      btw im ur new follower! ^^


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