Saturday, March 17, 2012

Peaceful saturday

Sometimes....after an active week all we need is a quite weekend. 
No thoughts, no stress, just loads of laugh and daydream. Saturday is the day where you can permit yourself the pleasure to sleep till you wish but today I made the 'smart' choice to face the library. Why? purely to send away some of the guiltiness of not starting my 'collection' of assignments! >_<

So..after hours of brain squeezing activity, all I needed was food,food & food!! 
So, I opted for a tasty korean restaurant with my three mademoiselles, situated right in the heart of Manchester City Centre. 
Saturday it's just saturday, we could not just leave the night at 9 pm, we just felt the need to do something to finish off the day in the most pleasant way. And what is more desirable than a delicious dessert? I don't know about you, but I'm a pure 'dessert freak'! 

Don't deny looks good right? I'm aware we are a group of wild hunters 
During the amicable food battle, we started to tell each other embarrassing stories and moments of when we were little.  The four of us, in a saloon, filled with our contagious laughs. I was loving the atmosphere, with the accompaniment of fast rhythm korean music, plus the candle-like glow, shaping the faces with smooth shadows.


And this was my day......Good night 


  1. YUM to all that food. looks delish and like you have a great day :) Thanks for visiting my blog too - hope you might like to follow in return. I'm your Latest follower ;) Looking forward to following on x

  2. Woahh! The food look reaaaaalllly yummy! -drools-

  3. Love your iPhone cover!! I wanted the same one from the gmarket but decided not to get it in the end :/ great food pics! I've been munching on bibimbap for the last 2 days XD

    1. thank youu for visiting! ^^ u can get the cover on ebay as well!! :D

  4. You deserve all the nommy foods for working so hard! I love the packaging of the tuna sandwich! I'm so glad our schools allow food in the library or else I'd go brain dead!

    1. hahaha!! thanks for visititing!! chose that sandwich only bcasue of the packaging! :P same thought! when im working i need all sorts of food around my table to concentrate better!

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    Follow me back? ^_^

    P.S. Now craving for Korean food!

    The Pink Margarita


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