Friday, April 13, 2012


P . S .
Just wanna to share this sketch that I did this afternoon with my ipad.
Seriously I fell in love with this app! It's called PAPER and its awesome!!!

Volevo condividere il mio sketch fatto questo pomeriggio con l'ipad. Dico sul serio, mi sono innamorata di questa applicazione! Si chiama PAPER ed e incredibile!!! 

It's an app with a notebook format which allows you to do very professional free-hand drawings, sketch, outline, write and color! However when you first download it you only get the draw tool and the rest it sold as add-ons! So to get the whole kit I've actually spend £5.99 (Which is quite pricy for an app, but I still think it was worth it! ) Give it a try!! It would be nice to share our drawings!! :P

Si tratta di un'applicazione con un formato tipo notebook, che ti permette di fare disegni a mano rendendoli molto professionali. Può essere installata gratuitamente e ottieni immediatamente lo strumento per disegnare, tuttavia ogni cosa buona ha il suo prezzo, quindi il resto del kit e veduto a parte oppure il kit completo per un costo totale di £ 5.99 (che è piuttosto caro per un app, ma penso che ne sia valsa la pena!)Provalo! Sarebbe bello condividere i nostri disegni! : P


  1. Sounds like a cool app! :D Do you have any other recommendations for free drawing apps from the App Store? :D

  2. oOOo~ pretty cool~ I'll take a look at it.


  3. the sketch is amazing! I can't even draw a straight line haha :)

  4. Greai post! Like your blog! If you want chack my blog - :)


  5. Nice shot! You did it really great! Amazing!

    Angelwynxx ❤ ♡ ❤

  6. How nice your drawing is! I wouldn't spend £5.99 for a drawing app coz I just don't have the talent.

    Hmmm, maybe i'll give it a thought if it was a photographic app lol x


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