Tuesday, September 10, 2013


It was already evening the day we landed in Bangkok capital of Thailand, the flight time was not long but we were all exhausted by the time we reached the hotel.
 Our dinner was nothing fancy but a delicious local dinner around the streets.
DAY: 2
We opted for a walk around the city but still sticked to the area around of our hotel, since I've heard that walking around Thailand was not the safest option for three girls. 
''Relaxing''afteernoon with a Thai Massage in the hotel. The process felt like a torture especially for people that are tickelish like me but your body feels light and relaxed after it, so it was worth to experience! 
DAY: 3
The journey started early morning at 6,30 which I considered it a challenge to be up at that time but still! We all managed with a slight delay~

I'll take this opportunity to add a word about how stressful the traffic in Bangkok is. It's almost impossible to move around the city during peak times plus the mini van was not the maximum of comfort but after one hour of bumping and shaking due to uneven roads we managed to get to our first stop: 
''The floating market''
That was insanely scary!!!  
I enjoyed the atmosphere of the place, we were on a boat between the river closed by two huge ancient wood buildings where merchants were selling their goods, sitted by the side of their mini store with their naked feet dangling towards the water. 
The second stop was the: 
Elephant Village
Riding the elephant has always been my Thailand dreamm!!! Underneath are the snapshots of my dream come true.

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